Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama: Dictator of the World

Our Dear Leader
President Obama says that Israel must return to its pre-1967 borders with land swaps in order to secure a two-state peace deal with Palestine (who has never been a "State" in their entire existence).  Of course, Israel is called on to make the land sacrifices, while the Palestinians are left to make no sacrifices whatsoever. 

The apparent goal is to give Israel, a sovereign nation, indefensible borders.  It would leave the middle of Israel only 8 miles wide:

The deeper question is this:  What makes President Obama think he can tell a sovereign nation half a world away where their borders should be?  When was the United States granted jurisdiction to make such calls?  Why don't we demand Jordan give up land while we're at it?  It's preposterous to think that we can go around the world and build nations, enter conflicts that don't affect us at all, and tell nations where their borders should be. 

The sovereign people of Israel have a right to self-preservation.  They live in a rough neighborhood, but they know how to take care of themselves.  Leave them be to resolve their own issues.   


  1. Just read Ron Paul's response to this situation and it is very similar to my view. I guess he's pretty smart after all. Or I'm a nutjob. Haha

  2. I think you got it wrong here. Barry is just trying to be a voice for the victims here: the poor, peace-loving Muslims in the Middle East (and worldwide, for that matter) who have been oppressed by murderous Zionists for too long.