Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A New Conservative, Liberty Driven Blog

I want to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is John.  I'm a citizen statesman from the Great State of Indiana.  I'm 32 years years old and married with two children; a 14 year old boy and a 4 year old girl.  Most of my time is spent working as a truck driver.  My wife recently lost her job, and we are both working together to get a home business started that is directly related to the job she left.  Things are a little crazy at the moment.  I thought it would be a good release to post my thoughts on a blog. 
What will I write about?

This is the the easy part!  Politics have long been a passion of mine and it's no secret to anyone who knows me that I sit on the Right side of the room.  I graduated Ball State University with a degree in Political Science in 2002, but luckily I wasn't influenced much by the far left academics (mostly because I wasn't paying attention in the first place).  My degree proves that I am highly proficient in the skill of taking multiple choice tests.

Before the 2008 election, I was pretty much ambivalent toward politics, politicians, and the whole circus.  Cynical is probably a better word.  But then something happened that lit a fire under my ass.  My father-in-law gave me a copy of the FairTax book by Neal Boortz.  It completely changed the way I view politicans, taxation, political philosophy and the power that politicians love to keep things the way they are.  From there I set out to keep learning, keep reading, stay informed and get involved to the extent that I can.

Here is what you can expect from The Conservative Trucker:
  • Current events with a conservative twist (Yes I'm biased, get over it.  At least I can admit it).
  • Calling out of mainstream media (MSM) bias.
  • Calling out of out of control government spending and overreach.
  • Calling out politicians and public policy that undermines our liberty.
  • Calling out of taxation and economic policy that undermines private property rights.
  • Calling out big government when it intrudes into our private lives.  
  • Calling out any undermining of the Constitution, the greatest document of freedom the world has ever known. 
  • Calling out of unneeded government intervention in foreign conflicts.
  • General hilarity.
Put on your seat belt because we are taking off!  This should be a fun ride!

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