Friday, July 8, 2011

Ron Paul: "Republicans Would be Foolish to Fall for This Ploy"

It appears that our cowardly GOP leaders are ready to cave-in on a deal to raise the debt ceiling that will involve raising taxes.  Those of us with common sense realize that when we give the statist hordes that occupy D.C. the ability to confiscate our private property, we give them license to keep spending.

Congressman Ron Paul issued a statement on his presidential campaign website, saying:

“Sources in Washington tell me that House Republican Speaker John Boehner is considering a deal to raise taxes as part of a debt limit ‘deal.’  In fact, reports are they may be ready to cave in to Barack Obama’s demands for a trillion dollars in tax increases in exchange for mostly phony spending and tax cuts in order to raise the debt ceiling."
If this is true, the Tea Party should be in full revolt mode.  This is completely arbitrary to the mandate handed down as a result of the 2010 Congressional election.

“House Republicans would be foolish to go for this ploy and be taken in by the Obama administration, only to leave American taxpayers on the hook again for more out-of-control government spending."
We all know this is the result of higher taxes.

“The Democrats pulled a similar maneuver during Ronald Reagan’s presidency, a deal that promised 2 to 1 spending cuts in exchange for tax increases. Taxes went up, but the cuts never came. They did it again in 1990, promising much the same deal, and delivering only on their tax increases.  In Washington, if you hear about a so-called deal, you can be sure the taxes will come, but the cuts never will.  Republicans cannot take the bait and get fooled again."
Take it from Ron Paul, the guy who has been there and seen it happen first hand.  If establishment GOP leaders agree to such a deal, we will see massive spending increases, and no cuts. 

The Leviathan keeps growing.

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