Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Putting Weinergate in Perspective

It's frustrating that there was barely any mention of the 67th anniversary of D-Day Monday, as the airwaves and television screens were clogged with discussions about Anthony Weiner's weiner.  It was all the rage.  Sean Hannity dedicated an entire hour of his show to the pathetic spectacle of a press conference in which Weiner apologized over, and over, and over again for his indiscretions. 

The whole affair has not doubt been entertaining to some extent, but to reach the level of coverage it has received is ridiculous.  In the meantime, we have a President that is single-handedly ruining our economy.  Barack Obama should be kissing Weiner's ass for distracting the media away from his ruinous policies as long as he has.  Let's forget the lack of jobs, declining housing market, sky high energy prices, disastrous deficit spending, military adventurism, redistribution of wealth, inflationary monetary policy, and so on and so forth and concentrate our total attention on a naughty picture a liberal congressman sent.

Let's face it, even if Weiner resigns, someone as leftist or even more so will replace him.  Do you think his ultra-moonbat constituency would vote in a Republican due to Weiner's perversity?  It won't happen. 

Jack Hunter offers a similar perspective:

One need not go searching for these immoral government acts on Twitter or in the National Enquirer when they can be found in any news headline at any given moment. Yes, Anthony Weiner and his goofy sex life is unquestionably sad and pathetic but so is the lopsided amount of attention America pays to such trivialities—considering the routine immoral behavior committed in Washington everyday by even the most personally wholesome politicians.

Time to get back things that matter.  

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