Thursday, June 2, 2011

What has Weinergate Taught us?

Anthony Weiner: Can't say with "certitude" if that's his junk.

Here is what we do know:  There was a tweet sent from Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter account to a 21 year-old woman in Seattle.  It contained a pic of a man's underwear covered, semi-aroused genitalia.  The tweet was discovered by Twitter user Dan Wolfe (@patriotusa76) and the photo was posted.  Rep. Weiner then discovered the tweet was sent out and had it deleted.  Big Government received the pic from Wolfe and ran the story.

Then the fun begins.  Weiner claims hack, but call a lawyer instead of the police.  Suddenly it's simply a prank, yet he hires a "firm" that specializes in "white-collar" crime.  Weiner calls a presser to put the issue to rest but acts like a little wiener to a couple of CNN reporters that actually ask him tough questions.  Unbelievably, he says that he can't claim with "certitude" that the pic is not of him.

In his interview with Wolf Blitzer, he still can't say that the picture is not him:

So what have we learned class?  Politicians dodge their way around questions.  Partisan media outlets will latch on to a story and milk it for all it's worth.  Do you really think Big Government would have taken a story like this to the point they did if it were Sarah Palin sending racy pics to a 21 year-old male Twitter user?  No doubt the Daily Kos would run with that baby until the bitter end.  Be that as it may, it shows the importance of a Big that will run stories the MSM will not.  The Daily Kos just runs crap against conservatives that their pals in the MSM already do.  It's good to have a side of the media that will combat them.

However, it is now time to move on.  We have an epic battle against Barack Obama to wage.  During the Weinergate distraction, local gas prices shot up $.40 over night, the housing market slumped over 4%, the private sector added an anemic 38,000 jobs in May, and economists are calling for another Great Depression.  We have to defeat Obama and his pack of Marxists on the issues, not scandal.

Let's get back on topic folks, and leave the tabloid stories for the tabloids.

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