Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free the Market, End Government Stimulus

Since January 2009, the Obama administration has carried out a mandate of Keynesian economics on an enormous scale.  First was the $787 billion stimulus package that was going to be packed with so-called "shovel-ready jobs" to get the unemployed back to work again.  This past week the president laughed about the lack of those type of jobs in his stimulus.  In essence, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 was nothing more than a bail out of state and local municipalities that had been living way beyond their means for years.  After all, President Obama had to secure the votes of all of those public sector union workers right?

This came after TARP, (which he voted for as Senator) another $700 billion or so, to bail out the banksters on Wall St.  So much for all that "Main St." talk right?  This is corporate welfare at its sickest. 

Then you have the Federal Reserve's bailing out of foreign entities with money printed out of thin air.  Worst of all, is that they won't even tell us to whom our money was sent.  The Fed is also buying more treasury notes than any other bank or country on the planet in a scam to destroy our currency called Quantitative Easing.  Trillions of dollars have been printed out of thin air so that our central bank can buy debt from it's own government...seem strange to anyone else?

What have these efforts produced?  The housing market is still in the gutter, with no recovery in sight.  Unemployment still hovers above 9%.  Retail sales are declining.  Manufacturers aren't producing.

The Keynesian notion that government stimulus can have a meaningful effect on the economy has been proven false.  

The only thing that can save our economy from further decline is the free the market.  When I say free the market, what I really mean is "UNLEASH THE BEAST!"

Regulatory barriers need to be broken down.  The government intrudes in nearly every market activity we engage in, from what kind of light bulb we can buy, to how much water our toilets can flush, to the fuel economy our cars can have, an on and on.  The socialist administrative state needs to be made impotent.  

Our current tax system needs to be eliminated and replaced.  We need to let productive Americans keep more of what they earn.  No more income tax, regressive payroll tax, corporate tax, or inheritance tax.  Replace it all with the FairTax, a national sales tax that taxes all retail consumption at a flat rate.  This will attract business investment to the United States.  Think of how competitive the United States would be in every major sector with a 0% corporate tax!  Foereigners, illegal immigrants, and drug dealers will finally be able to help fund our government for the first time.    

While the Looter-in-Chief is out playing golf, giving lucrative government jobs to his biggest donors, our economy is sick due to an infestation of too much government interference.  The cure is a massive dose of free market and less taxes.

The only thing left to do is find a doctor that will administer the shot.

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