Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who is Jon Huntsman and Why Do I Care?

Jon Huntsman made his presidential aspirations made the other day in the same place that Ronald Reagan made his announcement in 1980, with the Statue of Liberty standing tall in the background.  For the week prior, it seemed that the media was clamoring for such an announcement.  It seemed strange because there was nothing that would make you believe he'd make a run.  Most people, including myself knew nothing of the little known governor from Utah.

The first thing that makes me skeptical is that the media hasn't decried Huntsman a bat shit crazy lunatic.  This obviously makes me think something is wrong with him personally or his positions are off kilter.  I like my candidates to espouse minarchist principles, in contrast with the mainstream media.  It turns out my suspicions are correct.

Huntsman is a classic global warming alarmist.  On a tip from Verum Serum, Huntsman signed on to the 2008 "Global Climate Solutions Declaration", which states:

Based on conclusive scientific evidence, we recognize that global climate change is a grave threat to our people, our environment, and our respective ways of life. Therefore, we resolve to act quickly to stabilize the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases to avoid the resulting catastrophic impacts to the world’s ecosystems, oceans, water supplies, infrastructure, food production, and human health. The magnitude and urgency of the challenges in stabilizing the climate will require an unprecedented level of collaboration and cooperation among all levels of government around the world.
We also recognize that the transition to a low carbon society will invigorate and strengthen global, national and regional economies by enhancing energy security, increasing energy efficiency, and creating new jobs and industries that stimulate diverse, de-centralized and sustainable economic activity.
We further recognize that states and provinces from around the world, including the undersigned, have embarked on journey to pursue innovative actions  and policies to address climate change. This declaration is another step that strengthens and advances our shared vision for long-term cooperative action. We seek to create a low carbon society and enhance energy security by providing ongoing support to our national governments as they combat climate change.
This is enough to disregard Huntsman as a serious candidate regardless of his other positions.  Our country cannot afford, quite literally, any candidate with big government inclinations. 

Add that his potential future opponent is his old boss who he has called a "remarkable leader" and it starts to smell of plant or set up.  Chris "Tingles" Matthews seems to like him for having so-called civility when dealing with the current White House occupant.  Liberal columnist Ezra Klein says Huntsman brings "reasonableness" to the GOP.  Oh my!

All of this leads me to think that if this guy actually gets the nomination, then something was rigged in the primaries, or there were vast amounts of leftists and Democrats crossing over and voting in the primaries.  Guarantee Obama a victory in 2012 if Huntsman gets the nod.  Huntsman has already so much as stated that he won't go at the throat at Obama politically.  Also, kiss the GOP goodbye if Huntsman wins and say hello to a third party.

Why do I care about Jon Huntsman?  Because he is the kind of Republican that is antithetical to the Tea Party movement and principles.  He is the Republican that lost ushered in this recent age of so-called big government conservatism.  He is the type candidate that was thrown out of office in 2006 and 2008. 

He is Charlie Crist and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

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